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The Full Service 3D Apparel and Technical Design Agency

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Creative Passion & Technical Excellence - Delivered

Providing years of apparel experience, Add Ease takes the guesswork out of using 3D to streamline your development process. Our team of experts can model your garments so you can see how they will fit before a sample is even made. We also have a passion designing and implementing 3D processes at various organizations so the teams we work with become self-sufficient in their 3D journey.

Not only do we work with clients on their 3D journey, we also provide “Tech Design as a Service” to companies that don’t have an in-house tech design team or to teams that need a few extra hands during peak periods.


3D Apparel Development

Visualize your products before they are made.


3D Application & Design Software Training

Empower your teams.

Fabric Scanning & Testing

Make your materials come to life.

3D Process Consulting & Implementation

Build processes that your teams want to adopt.

Tech Design As A Service

Leave the details to us.

From 2D to 3D – make your products come to life before that first sample is made.


Our team of apparel experts use the latest in 3D apparel technology to model 2D sketches or pattern files into a full 3D simulation and rendering. The 3D models can be used by different teams in your organization for a wide array of uses.

Test Your Fit – The 3D model of your garment will produce a tension map and a compression map. These tools show you how your garments fit on models. Our modeling tools allow us to test your products on forms in various poses and we also test the various sizes in your size run to make sure they are grading as you expect. Having this information upfront has allowed some organizations to reduce their samples from 2 rounds to 1 – saving a significant amount of cost and time in process.

Wholesale and Internal Buying – Present the 3D models to your wholesale and internal customers so they know what they are buying before it’s made. The realism the 3D provides will give your customer’s buying teams confidence in what they are buying.


E-Commerce – Want to take orders for your products before the photoshoots are done? Our 3D models are great to use on your website to give your customers an accurate representation of the final product so they can buy without returning.

See your products before they're made



Let's build processes your team wants to adopt

Excited about 3D and what it can do for your organization but not sure where to start? Tried to implement 3D before but having challenges with adoption? Then let’s work together to build processes that your team wants to adopt so you can ensure your 3D investment will be successful.

Our team will work with your teams to determine the best way to use 3D at your organization. By working with key stakeholders from the beginning each team becomes excited and invested in the success of 3D.

Along with defining the 3D process our modeling team will build the blocks of your core silhouettes in 3D to ease the burden of the team starting with 3D – leading to higher adoption rates.


Empower your teams


Leave the details to us


Make it real

We digitize, scan and test the physics of your fabrics making your fabric 3D ready.

  • Know the importance of 3D ✔

  • Know the tools you need to succeed in your 3D journey ✔

  • Have a 3D process mapped out for how to use 3D ✔

  • Have team members who have mastered 3D – Not yet

If so then reach out to us today to schedule a training for your organization. Our expert training team has experience training design, technical design, product development, and factory teams in how to use the leading 3D tools in the industry such as VStitcher and Lotta.

Not only do we offer trainings in 3D tools but we also teach teams the "best practices" for using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in an Apparel Environment.

Learn more about our training programs

Great at design but not sure on the best approach for how to communicate details to your factories? Have an in-house tech design team but need some extra hands to get you through a peak period? Then leave the details to us!

We provide templates for tech packs to communicate manufacturing details and call-outs to your suppliers, adjust pattern files to ensure you get the fit you intend, provide guidance on points of measures, detailed comparison of what was manufactured as a sample to the pattern files, and more.

Our team is highly experienced in working with both knit and woven products and knows the nuances associated with the manufacturing of each of those garment types.

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