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Showcasing Artists & 3D Integrating Together in the Creative Process


Paul Caicedo

IG: @by.paulcaicedo


Turning vision into an actionable plan - How long should the sleeves measure? How far from HPS should the neckline drop? All questions that someone manufacturing a garment needs to know, and designers don't always have the answer to. Add Ease partnered with graphic designer Paul Caicedo and quickly created digital sample for his sketches of 3 jackets inspired by the movie The Warriors. The digital samples provided multiple options and created conversations to optimize the jackets for manufacturing while still keeping true to the design intent. Once the 3D samples were approved Add Ease provided a tech pack and pattern files to Mr. Caicedo which contained all of the details he needs to give to any manufacturer to have his ideas come to life.

About Paul Caicedo: Paul Caicedo is a multidisciplinary designer interested in exploring different applications of visual communication. He is continually curious about how to use his creative skills and exploring different avenues of thinking. As of late he picked up an early fashion project creating a line of Varsity jackets based on concepts of social interest inspired by dystopian futures and comic books.


Terrae Collective 

IG: @terraecollective


Sample reduction – one of the quickest and most easily seen benefits of using 3D. Come see how Add Ease was able to partner with Terrae Collective to take the 2D sketch of their design and turn it into reality. Using Browzwear’s VStitcher application, Add Ease was able to create a pattern and perform a virtual fitting for Terrae Collective to make the fit right for the first sample. In addition to using 3D for fit, engineering dye placements were marked in the pattern file to guide Terrae’s dying team to get the placements right - removing the need for a second sample and furthering Terrae’s mission of sustainability.

The team would also like to send a special thank you to @Dieu_Tone for making the undyed physical sample based on the patterns created by the Add Ease team of Terrae Collective’s design.

About Terrae Collective: Created by Chelsea Mooney, Terrae is a collective of goods and textile art made in New York using non-toxic and biodegradable natural fibers and dyes. After learning about the harmful effects synthetic dyes have on the environment and the communities surrounding their manufacturing, Chelsea decided to showcase just how vibrant and versatile natural fibers and dyes can be. Terrae’s luxurious, one of a kind, items are made in a way that leaves the Earth a better place for future generations without sacrificing style or quality.

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